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Pair of Motor Brushes for older Lemac Motor


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Pair of motor brushes for older Lemac motor

As used on the following golf trolleys:

  • Fraser Foldaway (not Foldaway2)
  • Topcart / Lynks GT
  • many others

Brush Dimensions:

  • length: 14.5 mm
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Height: 5 mm

If your trolley is not starting sometimes. then takes off very quickly after you have pulled the trolley back a bit. then there is a high chance that the motor brushes are worn and need replaced.

These brushes are used in the older Lemac motors where the braid attached to the brush was soldered to the underside of the plate. The newer style brushes have a metal ring crimped onto the end of the brush and are then screwed into place (not soldered).



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