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Shipping Outside of UK/Ireland

Shipping Outside of UK/Ireland – Terms & Condition

Electric Golf Trolleys

Please be aware there is a Limited warranty on all Electric Trolleys purchased from outside UK and IRELAND.
The manufacturer’s warranty covers purchases within the UK and Ireland only. Customers who purchase a trolley from outside the UK & Ireland will only receive a Limited Warranty – this means that if a fault occurred within the limited warranty period (unlikely as this may be), then you would have to pay the shipping costs for the trolley to be repaired. The parts and labour would be covered, but not the shipping cost.

Please note that as the trolley is being sold from a UK retailer, it will come with a UK charger/plug. If you want to use the trolley in Europe you will need to have the correct European Adaptor to charge the battery.

If you prefer to receive full warranty cover for the trolley within your country, then please remove this product from your basket and purchase the trolley from the manufacturer’s authorised retailers within your own country.

You may only continue checkout by accepting these special Terms and Conditions stated above, or by removing this product from your order.

Lithium Golf Batteries

Unfortunately we can only ship Lithium golf batteries to addresses in the UK or Ireland.

EU Deliveries Customs Information

We are based in Northern Ireland.
After Brexit, and under the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol (more information here), Northern Ireland has remained in the EU’s Single Market – this is a lawful document, agreed between the EU and the UK Government in December 2020.

This allows goods to flow from Northern Ireland to the EU just as they did while the UK was a member of the EU, without customs checks, tariffs, fees or new paperwork.

As such, if your Customs Authority attempts to charge you any fees, please be sure to inform them that the package has come from Northern Ireland and no such fees are applicable.

All of our EU bound parcels are clearly marked as coming from Northern Ireland.


If you have any questions or queries about product warranties, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 08435 23 51 30
Calls from outside the UK: 00442892528101

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